The Life in 500 Words Blog: what is it?

We all have stories. Lessons we’ve learned. Musings we want to share.

And while some geeks like us (David and Belinda) have the time and motivation to set them down in writing, most people don’t. Not enough to warrant a whole blog, anyway. So, this is a forum for you.

It’s also a forum for the two of us. We felt a bit constrained by the professional bent of our other, respective blogs, so we decided to devote a whole forum to the soft stuff – what we’ve learnt, what we wonder about, what we’d like to solve.

We unapologetically belong to the navel-gazers who believe Socrates’ declaration: the unexamined life is not worth living.

So, we are taking guest blogs from people we know – or don’t know – that begin with something like:

  • Something I have learnt is…
  • I wish more people knew that…
  • It’s really cool when…
  • Here’s what I know about…
  • You know what I just realised…
Think you’d like to contribute? Then write your story in 500 words or less. We’ll have some editorial control (but run any changes past you first). Ready? Send us an email –
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