the girls - 1

I’m in the mood where there are things I have to say, lest they never be said. This is a really important one.

I am blessed to have had strong, capable, smart, self-reliant women in my life.

The mother who got the ball rolling for me, teaching me the first important lessons of my life. The wife who is my utterly reliable co-pilot, and keeps a whole side of my life in order.  The daughter who inspires me.  The daughter-in-law who gives refuge to my beautiful son and mothers my beautiful granddaughters. The sister who has so often been my emotional backstop.  The coach who helped me eventually find my purpose in life.  The brilliant women whom I have had on my teams, who have made me look good.  The women of the boards I serve on, and the executives who deliver for the organisations.

I love it when they collaborate with each other, when it’s strong women squared, when they communicate and create channels that us, their blokes, could never open up, and which benefit us in ways we couldn’t conjure ourselves.

I sometimes under-estimate them, at my own peril and to my own loss.  I undervalue them at times, to my own chagrin.  I don’t always listen to them, when I demonstrably should.  I love them occasionally less than they deserve, through my own negligence.  They love and support and nurture me nevertheless.

Hey you, my beautiful granddaughters.  I know you’re not quite ready for this, but when you are, and when you’re sorting out who you are, I want you to look at, and listen to:  your mother (yes, her, really), your Aunty Bo and your Aunty Smo, your Briggie and your Yetta, your Nanny.  Life will too often be unfair and mean to you.  Men and boys will let you down.  You will have no choice but to be strong and independent and self-reliant.  You have the perfect role models for that.

You go, girls.  The whole bloody wonderful fantastic lot of you.

David White

Photo Carly White


  1. You are right. You’re surrounded by wonderful women. But it takes a strong and conscious man to recognise and not be cowed by that level of awesomeness. So well done on that score. And that was good advice about listening to Aunty Bo.

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