Having something to believe in

One of my regular bike routes goes past the cemetery at Wentworth Falls, where my sorely missed mother-in-law Gwen is buried.  She hated being called Gwen and the family always knew her as Mick or Micky.

It was the first anniversary of her death recently, and I was reminded of an occasion a while ago when I stopped in at the grave on what would have been Mick and Ted’s 67th wedding anniversary.  I spent a few quiet moments there and then I asked Mick the usual question:  “Anything to tell me?”

I don’t really know about the questions I ask Mick, and the apparent responses I get.  I suppose I am just having imaginary conversations with someone whose company I always enjoyed.  Or maybe there is something coming to me from beyond the veil.  Who knows?

This day, anyway, the response to my query came back:  “Have faith.”

“Mick, I’m not sure that I could have your kind of faith,” I said.  Which was the life-long, unswervingly devout Catholic kind of faith.

“If you can’t have faith, then at least believe,” Mick said.  “It doesn’t matter so much what you believe, as long as you go to the trouble of believing in something.”

“Like believing I have Buddhahood within me, and I just have to find it?” I said.

“That’s not what I would prefer you believe in,” she said, “but if that makes any sense to you, then okay.”

Thanks Mick.  I am not sure whether you give me communication, inspiration, or just a kind of mental whiteboard to capture and organise thought streams.  Whatever it is, I’ll be back to visit you again soon.

Posted by David White

  1. I was just listening to a really interesting interview with a Jesuit Catholic priest. He said that for him, God is about love and fidelity. I don’t think you need to believe in a Christian God to believe in those things, as a moving force behind life.

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